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The Fox Sisters

The Fox Sisters

Modern American Spiritualism began with them in Hydesville, NY, March 1848 when they communicated with a dead peddler murdered in their house basement many years before.  An intelligence that was accepted as based on Natural Law and not miraculous or supernatural as heretofore had been accepted. This is the fact that distinguishes Modern from Ancient Spiritualism.

Home of the beginning of Modern American Spiritualism

On March thirty-first, the Anniversary of Modern Spiritualism is observed.


Local History

Mr. John Priston started the First Spiritualist Church of McKeesport.  Meetings were first held at Held’s Hall at the corner of Market and Fifth Avenues in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.  Later, the members were able to purchase a church building at 809 Locust Street, McKeesport. The church thrived there for a number of years until we outgrew that building and moved to temporary quarters in Lawrenceville, PA.  We arrived at our current location in the City of Pittsburgh in 2013 where the church continues to grow and prosper.

The Pennsylvania State Association was organized February 27, 1908 and our Charter #104 was issued January 2, 1926; however, the state charter disbanded in August, 1989.

The National charter for our church, dated May 23, 1904, and was rechartered under Charter #681 in 1989 (after the state charter was disbanded).  The church continues to operate in its present status.

National Organizations/Churches

National Spiritualist Association of Churches


New York
Lily Dale

5 Melrose Park
Lily Dale, NY 14752

Ashley Spiritualist Camp
PO. Box 277
Ashley, OH 43003-0277
Selina Duffey, Secretary