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All attendees will gain a deeper understanding in how to connect with Spirit, Spirit Guides, and those in Spirit.  This circle encourages you to experience and develop your abilities through exercises, guest presenters, workshops, and homework.

Circles:  Tuesdays, 7-9pm Home Circles

1 st Tuesday, South Park, Kathy Taylor   (412) 973-0699

2nd Tuesday,  Munhall,   Rev. Carol O’Hare, (412) 398-7303

 3rd Tuesday,  South Hills,   Bonnie Livingston   (412) 916-5683

4th Tuesday,  Munhall,  Karen  Bodosky  (412) 758-3982

 Please call Hostess in advance to confirm.

Thursday Circle:  Mediumship and Spiritual Development,

 Wilkinsburg,  John F. Singer House

Contact:  Michele Saling     (412) 245-0389